Issue 17

Issue 17 December 2014
ISSN 2201-358X

TP Cover

  1. Smash Abbott’s Budget. Rely on Class Struggle Not Campaigning for ALP/Greens Governments. Unleash Industrial Action Now to Reverse Three Decades of Attacks on Working Class People.
  2. U.S./Australia: Hands off Iraq and Syria! Defend Syria against Western Imperialism & its “Rebel” Proxies! Workers Caught in the Crosshairs of Capitalism: Don’t Let the Jingoistic Beat of War Divert You from Justified Anger at the Exploiters & Their Budget. Abbott/Shorten’s War and “Anti-Terror Laws” are Bad for Working Class People.
  3. Greetings for the October 1 Anniversary of China’s Great 1949 Revolution. Down with Yuppy, Anti-Communist Hong Kong Protests.
  4. Suffering of a Public Housing Tenant. Fight for Proper Maintenance of Public Housing. Stop the Neglect and Stop the Sell-Offs.
  5. For Working Class Action against the U.S. & Australian Rulers Backing Israel’s Genocidal Terror. Support the Palestinian Struggle for Self- Determination! Defend Syrian Self-Determination against NATO’s Proxy Armies!
  6. Provocation by Violent Racists Crushed in Brisbane:Unions United with Leftists & Other Anti-Racists Got the Job Done!
  7. Mobilise United Action of Aboriginal People, Trade Unions and “Ethnic” Communities to Demand: Justice For TJ, Jail for the Racist Murdering Cops!
  8. Stop Capitalist Job Slashing through Class Struggle. Force Bosses to Increase Hiring at the Expense of their Profits!
  9. Force the Ruling Class to Hold Back Their Cops from Killing Aboriginal People – Unleash Union/Black Action! Palm Island Aboriginal Hero Lex Wotton Joins Brisbane G20 Protests.
  10. Freedom for the Refugees! No to Offshore or Onshore Detention! Build a Pro-Working Class Refugee Rights Movement.
  11. Racist Cop Attack on Teen Gathers Protesters Outside Police Station.
  12. The Main Enemy Are the Capitalist Rulers at Home. Lift Western Sanctions on Russia! Down with NATO/Australian Meddling in Ukraine! Abbott & Shorten Use Ukraine Plane Tragedy to Promote Support for Aussie Imperialism. Defend the Just Struggle of the People of the Donbass! For the Revolutionary Unity of the Ukrainian and Russian Working Class!
  13. Anti-Fascists Give Violent Racists a Drubbing in Marrickville. Build Trade Union-Centred Mass Actions to Crush the Fascists!
  14. Sydney Rally Opposes Entire U.S. and Australian Imperialist Intervention in Syria and Iraq.

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