Issue 18

TP 18 COver

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  1. As Neo-Nazi Thugs are Emboldened by the Racist Violence of Police & the Brutal Jailers of the Nauru, Christmas & Manus Island Hell Holes… Crush All the Violent Far Right Racists through United Mass Action by the Workers Movement, Aboriginal People, Coloured People and the Left
  2. Casual & Low Paid Workers in Non-Union Worksites Face Extreme Exploitation. Unions Waging Militant Struggle Can Inspire the Unionisation of Currently Unorganised Workers
  3. Supporters Greet Arrival of DPRK Soccer Team for Asia Cup Finals
  4. Down with Capitalist Australia’s Military Build Up! U.S., Australian Militaries: Stay Out of the South China Sea! Defend Socialistic China against Military Intimidation by Capitalist Powers
  5. An African Person Who Studied in Russia Tells His Story: Capitalism Breeds Racism. A First Hand Account of How Russia’s Return to Capitalism Led to An Explosion of Racism
  6. Imperialist Hypocrisy, Nationalism & Repression after Paris Terror Attacks
  7. Oppose All U.S. & Australian Military & Political Intervention in Syria & Iraq!
  8. Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy Stood Strong & Made Gains 
  9. Smash the Cuts to Services Working Class People Need the Most! Stop the Sell-Off of Public Housing
    Massively Increase Public Housing Just Like Socialistic China is Doing
  10. “Human Rights Attacks on Socialistic North Korea & the Trade Union Royal Commission Here: Both are Campaigns of Lies to “Justify” Attacks on Anyone Standing in the Way of Capitalist Exploitation.
    Down with the Right-Wing Campaign of Lies about North Korea!
  11. The Transition from Socialist Revolution to Communism. On the Tasks of the Workers State in the Transition to Equality and Stateless Society
  12. Defenders of the Socialistic DPRK Support the DPRK Soccer Team at the Asia Cup
  13. What Strategy Is Needed to Counter the Violent Racist Threat? Working Class-Based Mass Direct Action vs Liberal/Social-Democratic Pacifism
  14. Ten Years On after the Filthy, Violent White Supremacist Riot Trade Unionists, Ethnic People & All Anti-Racists Must Unite to Open Up Cronulla Beach to People of Colour!